Norfolk has such a varierty of wildlife habitats. The ancient woodlands, chalk rivers, fens, broads, farmland, marshes, wetland and sandy beaches means the area is home to many fish, birds and mammals.

Wild Ken Hill  »

Wild Ken Hill is a project to restore nature, fight climate change, and grow healthy food across a coastal farm in West Norfolk.

Pensthorpe Natural Park  »

There are so many ways to enjoy the beautiful surroundings here at Pensthorpe.

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve  »

Set in 170 acres of breathtaking woodland, grassland and lakes, Watatunga nature reserve in Norfolk is dedicated to the conservation of endangered deer, antelope and birds and home to the most varied collection of deer and antelope in Europe, free to roam at their will.

Norfolk Seals  »

There is nowhere like north Norfolk to get up close and see seals in their natural habitat, making it the natural choice for a visit. The colony at Blakeney Point, a nature reserve run by the National Trust since 1912, is home to Common and Grey seals, and with over 3,000 pups born each year, it makes Blakeney Point the largest colony in England.