Corporate, Social, Responsibility Statement

Our CSR statement is in two parts -

1. Our Social Policy in our Local Community
2. Our Environmental Policy

Our Social Policy in our Local Community

  • We use local suppliers, so far as is possible to minimise transport and CO2 emissions but also promote local produce.We use local trade's people and companies for property maintenance and operation.
  • We work closely with the local authorities and all statutory authorities to ensure that we operate our business above the minimum standards for Environmental Health and Safety.
  • So far as is possible we ensure that all areas of the hotel are accessible for mobility impaired customers.
  • We pro-actively maintain the appearance and environment around the hotel in keeping with a conservation area.
  • We work with local schools and colleges to provide work experience and career development.
  • We support and sponsor many local community groups and charities with fund raising and resources.

Our Environmental Policy

  • We work with Green Tourism Business Scheme to improve our standards of green business.
  • We actively monitor our energy consumption and investigate initiatives to reduce our consumption.
  • We recycle our cardboard, glass, plastic and cooking oils.
  • We use recycled paper wherever possible.
  • We encourage the re-use of guest towels and change bed linen only on demand.
  • We have installed a large proportion of low energy and long life light bulbs.
  • All heating and hot water plant are regularly maintained and insulated and set at optimum comfort and energy consumption levels.
  • When equipment is renewed we source the most energy efficient product.
  • We encourage the use of public transport or car sharing on business travel.